Moreni Town Hall

Value of investments

603,952 lei

Implementation period

24 November 2022 – 24 November 2023

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is to increase the capacity of Moreni municipality to improve and adapt to climate change.

The importance of the Project

Due to the fact that Moreni was for many years a mono-industrial town based on oil exploitation, at the moment there are important adverse effects caused by climate change.

The transition to a greener economy is slow and requires considerable investment in both infrastructure and trained human resources.

The environmental situation in the municipality of Moreni is characterized by a massive historical pollution generated by the oil industry (closed or still operating oil fields), especially in the soil and subsoil; pollution
water flows and air pollution generated mainly by the industrial area of the city.

Specific objectives:

O1. Development of the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for the municipality of Moreni for the period 2022 – 2030 and assessment of the opportunity to join the Global Covenant of Mayors

O2. Increasing local authority capacity to develop and implement climate-responsible public policies

O3. Increase information and awareness of citizens in Moreni municipality on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures